Product Overview

Using ProTone Plant Growth Regulator, growers can maximize production of high-quality red table grapes throughout the season.

ProTone Plant Growth Regulator from Valent Biosciences Corporation is an exciting new product with a unique active ingredient that can enhance color development in red table grapes over a wide use period. Using ProTone, growers can maximize production of high-quality red table grapes throughout the season.

Unlike other table grape coloring products, ProTone utilizes a compound found naturally in plants to enhance color development. Called S-Abscisic Acid (S-ABA), this PGR initiates the rapid accumulation of red pigments into the skin of the berries. ProTone-treated grapes have a natural appearance and maintain good quality at harvest and throughout storage.

Depending on the objective of the color management program within a particular block, ProTone can be used to initiate earlier harvest, increase overall marketable yield, and/or reduce the number of picks. ProTone has been found to be efficacious applied from the time of veraison to late in the season. The optimal timing for a particular block will depend on the cultivar and the harvest management objective. While most early season applications of ProTone are effective in developing marketable color, late season applications are also very effective in most cultivars, even after sugar development has occurred.

Where Is ProTone Registered?

ProTone is now registered in 9 table grape growing countries, including the U.S., Chile, South Africa, Israel, Peru, Australia Mexico, Egypt, and Spain (EUP).  The full registration process is ongoing in Europe for Spain and Italy. Product development and field trials are underway in  Brazil, Argentina, and Lebanon.

What Formulations Are Available?

ProTone is available as a 20% soluble granule (SG) formulation optimized for use with conventional spray application equipment. In countries where electrostatic spray equipment is more commonly used a 10% liquid (SL) formulation is available to meet the needs of this application method as well as conventional equipment.

Value Proposition

ProTone has been shown to color red table grapes earlier and more evenly for a greater packout and more flexible yield without compromising pre-or post-harvest quality.

More Good News For Your Market

The active ingredient of ProTone is a naturally-occurring compound. As a result, ProTone is exempt from requirement of a tolerance in most countries where it is registered. Therefore, residue levels are not an issue. ProTone has short re-entry and pre-harvest intervals (e.g., four hours and zero days, respectively, in the U.S.).